Mildenhall Parish Council

Serving the people of Mildenhall & West Row

High Town

Clerk: Nicola Glading
The Pavilion, Recreation Way
Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7HG

Tel: 01638 713493

Who we are & what we do

Mildenhall Parish Council consists of 15 elected councillors who serve for a four year term. All Councillors are voluntary and receive no payment whatsoever.

The Parish Office is located at The Pavilion, Recreation Way Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7HG.

Council Meetings - see the diary of meetings for more information.

Members of the public may speak about specific items on this agenda which contain a recommendation, provided they have advised the Parish Clerk of their wish to speak no later than midday on the Friday before the meeting (or midday of the last working day of the week before the meeting). A list giving details of the name(s) and 1 relevant agenda item(s) will be circulated to Councillors before the meeting commences.

For further information relating to the services offered by the Parish Council please contact the Parish Office who will be happy to give advice and assistance.

Parish Council Elections

The next Parish Council elections will take place in May 2019. If you are interested in becoming a parish councillor and want to find out more, please come along to the parish office for a talk with the clerk, or speak to an existing councillor. We need people from all walks of life, no specific experience is required, just a willingness to take an active role in running local facilities, and helping to shape Mildenhall`s future.


Our councillors are elected or co-opted, if you would like to become a councillor or find out more about what they do then please see election details above

Committees and Working groups


Establishment and Policy Committee

B J Sulman (Chairman E&P)
J Busuttil (Vice Chairman E&P) (Vice Chair MPC)
R A Bowman (Chairman MPC)
G Bristow (Vice Chair A&O)
T A Gooch-Taylor-Balls (Chair Planning)
I Shipp (Chair A&O)
A F J Peachey
G H Taylor-Balls

Amenities and Operations Committee

I Shipp (Chairman A&O)
G Bristow (Vice Chairman A&O)
R J Alecock
R A Bowman
J M Bloodworth
J Busuttil
R Hamill
R Leaman
N A Roman
B J Sulman

Planning Committee

T Gooch-Taylor-Balls (Chair Planning)
R Leaman (Vice Chairman Planning)
R J Alecock
J M Bloodworth
G Bristow
J Busuttil
R Greenfield
R Hamill
A F J Peachey
N Roman
I Shipp
B J Sulman
G H Taylor-Balls

Working Groups

Events Strategy group

Highways Strategy group

Communications and Marketing group

Lark in the Park/ Community Showcase group

Merry Mildenhall group

Transition group

Personnel Panel- Advisory Panel

MPC Policies

Our Staff

Parish office staff (1 full time 2 part time)

Chris Emmerson, Deputy Clerk;

Julie Hallett, Marie Rowntree Administration assistants

Maintenance (1 full time, 1 part time)

Dave Allen, Head Groundsman; Ray Tuffs, Groundsman

Custodians (2 part time)

Roy Thompson; Des Neville

Cleaners (2 part ime)

Jim Alecock; Ralph Marsh

Nicola Glading

Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer

Mildenhall parish Council
01638 713493
Parish Council Staff

Chris Emmerson

Deputy clerk

01638 713493

Julie Hallett

Administration Assistant

01638 713493

Marie Rowntree

Administration Assistant

01638 713493

Dave Allen

Head Groundsman

01638 713493